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Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2023: Omni- Health Triumphs

Omni-Health stands as a beacon in healthcare automation, robotics, and AI. For over 15 years, we’ve been a trusted healthcare automation provider in the Asia-Pacific region, consistently driving efficiency and growth for our clients.

Our commitment to operational productivity has led us to design top-tier solutions that not only streamline processes but also catalyze expansion. Beyond healthcare, our recent ventures into the automation and robotics domain for Supply Chain and Logistics showcase our versatility.

We believe in the transformative power of robotics, automation, and AI. These tools don’t just enhance operational efficiency; they stimulate growth across sectors, from automating warehouse workflows to improving customer service in nursing homes and the hospitality industry.

What sets Omni-Health apart is our ability to tailor solutions to specific organizational needs, leveraging the latest technology to boost productivity and safety. Our team, rich in practical know-how, ensures our clients always benefit from cutting-edge solutions.

Triumph at the Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2023

The Ritz-Carlton in Bali was abuzz in May 2023 as it hosted the Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards. Omni-Health, after its inaugural win in 2022, clinched the title of Healthcare Automation Provider of the Year in Asia-Pacific for the second consecutive year.

Niiru Baran, Omni-Health’s Regional Sales Director, proudly picked up the award at the ceremony, representing the company’s dedication and excellence in the field.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Healthcare

At the same conference, Dr. Ravi Shrestha of Canon Medical System Corporation delved into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare.

He highlighted AI’s potential in diagnosing conditions, streamlining drug discovery, and predicting diseases like diabetic kidney disease. Emphasizing the financial benefits, Dr. Shrestha mentioned that AI could lead to yearly savings amounting to billions.

However, he cautioned against the risks, citing the World Health Organization’s concerns about the rapid adoption of untested AI systems and the potential for biased data.

Celebrating Excellence in Healthcare at the Awards Gala

The 2023 Global Health Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards recognized leading healthcare providers for their outstanding services.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore was named the Hospital of the Year in Asia-Pacific. Subang Jaya Medical Centre in Malaysia received the Standout Jury Award – Hospital of the Year in Asia-Pacific. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council was honored with the Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare Travel Award.

As Omni-Health continues to expand globally, our mission remains clear: to be the leading healthcare automation provider, offering cost-effective, safe, and advanced solutions. We prioritize safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction, aiming to be a trusted advisor to organizations worldwide.

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