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Omni-Health joins Robotics Australia Group as a network member

Sharing expertise, and educating on healthcare robotics transformation.

Omni-Health, a leading healthcare automation and AI solutions provider announced its membership in the Robotics Australia Group.

Robotics Australia Group (RAG)

RAG is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of robotics in Australia. They aim to nurture a robust domestic robotics industry by supporting businesses, researchers, educators, and anyone with a passionate interest in robotics.

Robotics Australia Network (RAN)

The Robotics Australia Network (RAN), an extension of the Robotics Australia Group (RAG), is a dynamic network driving collaboration and growth in the Australian robotics industry.

The RAN fosters resource sharing, advocates for the industry, and facilitates initiatives to advance the field, creating a strong foundation for robotics innovation in Australia.

Strategic collaboration to transform healthcare and advance robotics

This membership highlights our dedication to transforming healthcare through AI and robotics and our commitment to supporting the growth of the Australian robotics industry.

Through collaboration with the Robotics Australia Network and its members, we aim to:

Networking for a future-proof healthcare system

Taking a tangible step forward, we participated in a recent networking event on March 6th, 2024, co-organized by the Robotics Australia Network (RAN) and VEX Robotics.

This event provided a valuable platform to introduce ourselves as a leading healthcare system integrator and showcase our expertise in AI and robotics consulting.

We believe collaboration is essential to unlocking the full potential of AI and robotics in healthcare. By fostering partnerships with fellow RAN members, we can accelerate innovation and develop solutions that transform healthcare delivery.

About Omni-Health

We are a leading healthcare system integrator in the Asia Pacific region with over 15 years of experience.

With expertise in healthcare system integration across multiple countries, we help healthcare institutions streamline operations and enhance patient care through the strategic implementation of automation technologies.

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