Avalo Medical Carts


Avalo Medical Carts, presented by Capsa Healthcare, are designed to optimize workflow in healthcare settings, allowing clinicians to prioritize superior patient care. These carts are now conveniently packaged to cater to a diverse range of facility needs.


Designed for

Avalo Medical Carts are tailored for healthcare professionals who require organized, secure, and efficient storage and transportation solutions for medical supplies.

This includes emergency response teams, pediatric care units, anesthesia departments, and facilities focused on infection prevention, among others.

Elevating Healthcare with Avalo Series Carts

Omni-Health is a proud distributor of the Avalo Series Medical Carts, offering top-tier technology tailored to the genuine needs of healthcare professionals. Our range includes the Standard Anesthesia Cart, Emergency Cart, and Procedure Cart.

Our partnership with Capsa Healthcare shows our joint commitment to quality, making sure healthcare facilities have tools that are both modern and easy to use. Together, we aim to raise the bar, always striving to meet the high standards of the medical world.

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