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Omni-Health, in partnership with Air-Log from Germany, offers the Pneumatic Tube System, a modern solution for transportation technology.

As an authorized distributor, we’re bridging the gap between swift transportation needs and innovative solutions. Whether you’re a hospital handling sensitive samples or an industrial giant moving goods, our system automates, optimizes, and transforms your operations.

Key Features

Specifications and Advantages


Experience the unmatched efficiency of the Pneumatic Tube System, tailored for hospitals. Whether it’s urgent blood products during surgery or critical sample results, our system ensures fast, safe, and shock-free transportation.

Benefit from leak-proof protective carriers and adjustable transport velocities, ensuring that even the most sensitive samples, like blood, are handled with care.

Elevate hospital operations, save time, and enhance staff productivity with a system that’s designed with healthcare’s unique demands in mind.


Step into the future of industrial transportation with the Pneumatic Tube System. Say goodbye to the challenges of long distances, whether it’s swiftly transporting a food sample to the laboratory or handling hot steel samples with our specialized metal carriers.

Our system addresses industry-specific needs, ensuring quick, safe transfers and optimizing operations for a swift return on investment.

Other Sectors

The Pneumatic Tube System offers a reliable solution for transporting sensitive materials to laboratories.

From handling blood and tissue specimens in hospitals, and managing high-temperature steel samples in steel plants, to ensuring safe transport of food samples, our system prioritizes rapidity and safety.

Additionally, in the waste and laundry sectors, our system provides a hygienic transportation solution, minimizing contamination risks and streamlining operations. Prioritizing time, cost, and excellence, our system meets diverse industry needs.

Your Next Step to Transportation Excellence

Choose a pneumatic tube system that’s more than just a product—it’s a commitment to excellence. Experience significant savings in time and operational costs, and rest assured with dedicated support every step of the way.

Let’s embark on a journey to redefine and elevate your transportation processes.

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