SureMed® multimed adherence packaging

Improves pharmacy workflow for patients and caregivers.

MultiMed MAP 2
Multi MAP 3
Multimed MAP 1

Meeting your medication challenges head-on

We bring you SureMed® Multimed Adherence Packinging by Omnicell® – a solution tailored to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions. With this industry-leading packaging solution, we aim to provide both patients and caregivers with unparalleled clarity and consistency in medication management.

Key features

Standard Trifold Multimed blister cards

Perforated Multimed blister cards with direct print capabilities

Technical capabilities


Dedicated support

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering a product. Experience comprehensive support with us, ensuring maximum uptime and efficient product utilization.

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Discover how our Guided Packing Software can transform your pharmacy’s packing process. Omni-Health’s cloud application makes it easy to offer adherence packaging services, adding flexibility and more options for your needs.

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