Point of care technology at nursing home

Our point of care solutions bridge technology and nursing homes, ensuring superior patient care.


Challenges point of care at nursing homes face

  • Time constraints and high patient-to-staff ratios.
  • Risk of medication errors due to complex medication system.
  • Residents’ ongoing health issues need constant attention and care.
  • Reliance on staff for meal and clinical deliveries, stretching their workload.
  • Addressing the issue of social isolation among residents, which can impact their mental well-being.
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How point of care technology can help

  • Medical carts and workstations can improve workflow and save time by bringing essential tools and EHR access directly to the bedside.
  • Medication workstations can serve bedside care with precision, reducing medication errors by ensuring accurate dispensing and administration.
  • Patient meal delivery carts can enhance patient care and satisfaction by providing timely meal services.
  • Enables remote consultations through telepresence platforms expanding specialist access.


For staff:

Reduces administrative tasks, freeing up more time for patient care.

Enhances care delivery with robotic assistance for routine tasks.

For patients and residents:

More personalized and engaged care experiences.

Increases safety with advanced robotics and AI-driven alerts.

Support your facility with point of care technology

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