Industry-wide supply chain automation

We leverage our healthcare supply chain expertise to set new trends across sectors.

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Challenges industries face

  • Repetitive tasks of manually delivering medications and meals to patients.
  • Manufacturers struggle with handling materials of varied sizes across production lines.
  • Manual disinfection in healthcare and public areas poses safety risks and inconsistencies.
  • Pharmaceutical distributors facing critical errors in manual medicine packing processes.

How supply chain automation can help

  • Robotic delivery systems integrate with hospital software, ensuring timely and accurate medication and meal deliveries using real-time patient data.
  • Robotic handling solutions sync with existing manufacturing systems for seamless material management.
  • Integrated with facility systems, our robots enable scheduled disinfections and hygiene monitoring.
  • Our automation streamlines medication cutting and packing, ensuring full traceability from start to finish.


Enhanced care experience.

Improved workplace safety.

Increased staff efficiency.

Consistent hygiene standards.

Streamlined operations.

Error reduction.

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