ARIS IDC: The ultimate inspection robot for data centers


Revolutionizing data centre maintenance

Intelligent, autonomous, and efficient

ARIS IDC is a state-of-the-art inspection robot designed specifically for Internet Data Centers (IDC).

As an authorized distributor, Omni-Health proudly presents this innovative solution from our partner, YouIbot.

ARIS IDC is engineered to transform the way IDCs operate, offering a blend of advanced technologies for comprehensive monitoring and maintenance.

Key features of ARIS IDC

Real-time monitoring and multi-sensor fusion

Comprehensive data collection

Enhanced IDC operation and maintenance


Embrace the future of data centre management with ARIS IDC

Opt for ARIS IDC and step into a new era of server room inspections.

Its advanced real-time monitoring, autonomous navigation, and smart technology revolutionize data centre operations, marking a strategic move towards operational excellence and future readiness.

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