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At the forefront of hygiene technology, the Omni Disinfection Robot sets a new standard in cleanliness and safety.

Equipped with a substantial 16L water tank, this robot is designed to atomise disinfectants at a rate of 800-3000ml/h, making it exceptionally effective in larger spaces. Its advanced system can sterilise an area of 1000m³ in just 15 minutes, showcasing unparalleled efficiency.

This disinfection robot is not only fast but also thorough, achieving a remarkable sterilisation rate of 99%. Its design ensures full coverage at 360 degrees, leaving no area untouched and no dead angles.

The disinfection robot is adept at eliminating a broad range of bacteria and diseases, making it an indispensable tool in maintaining high standards of hygiene in various settings.

Key features of the disinfection robot

Autonomous path planning

Engineered with advanced autonomous path planning, efficiently disinfecting up to 25,000 square meters with comprehensive, spotless coverage.

Automatic charging system

The disinfection robot’s automatic return-to-charging ensures constant readiness and minimal downtime, enhancing efficiency and performance.

User-friendly interface

Boasts a 7-inch HD screen with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for easy operation and quick learning.

Advanced remote navigation

Utilising QR code verification, this feature ensures secure and accurate pickup and delivery operations.

Customisable design for diverse needs

Understanding that every environment has unique requirements, the disinfection robot offers customisable design options.

This flexibility allows the robot to be tailored to the specific needs of different spaces, ensuring optimal performance.

Ideal for high-traffic areas

The disinfection robot is particularly suited for environments where the risk of infection is high. Its comprehensive disinfection capabilities make it an ideal choice for hospitals, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and other public spaces.

A step towards a healthier environment

The Omni Robot – disinfection and sterilisation is a step towards creating healthier, safer environments. Its advanced features, combined with customisable options, make it a top choice for those seeking effective disinfection solutions.

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