Incident management systems: Identify and report for safety

Our AI and IoT-enabled system allow you to identify incidents and improve response times, fostering a secure environment.

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Challenges some industries face

  • Inadequate detection and response capabilities for security breaches or unauthorized access.
  • Delayed response to incidents due to lack of immediate notification systems for staff.
  • Staff shortages make it hard to watch patients constantly, causing missed signs of worsening health.
  • Inefficient communication during critical incidents leads to delayed responses.
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How AI and IoT-enable incident management systems can help

  • Analyzes behaviour patterns instantly to spot security risks and quickly alerts staff for a proactive response.
  • Detects distress or panic signs at events, with IoT sensors triggering instant personnel alerts.
  • Uses facial sentiment analysis and IoT to monitor patient well-being, alerting healthcare professionals automatically.
  • Improves emergency communication by adding behavioral and emotional analysis to incident data.


For staff:

Automated alerts and monitoring lessen manual oversight, letting staff concentrate on critical tasks.

For patients :

Better emotional support and increased safety.

For the general public:

Enable quicker responses, boosting trust and confidence.

Committed to your safety: Ensuring a secure and responsive experience

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